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IP Brokerage & Sales Solutions 

Commercialization Strategy

To get the most from your intellectual property, it’s important to consider whether to monetize them.


Should you license any patents?

Sell them?

Barter to acquire something more valuable?

Or hold onto them?


A commercialization strategy is a detailed plan for monetizing the assets in your portfolio, including the who, what, where, when, how, and why. 

Sales Strategy 

Business needs and technology continually evolve. A patent that was once critical may no longer be a strategic asset—so you decide to sell it.


Get the most from the transaction with an effective sales strategy to answer questions like:

  • Who are the potential buyers?

  • In what order should you approach them?

  • When is the right time to sell?

  • Does it make sense to bundle and sell several assets together?


We’ll use our decades of sales experience to help you get top dollar for your IP.  

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Deal Support 

Being fully prepared at the table is paramount to obtaining the best deal. 


This includes premium, professional meeting materials that walk prospective clients and licensees through the economics and reverse engineering, fully articulating the value proposition, which helps you garner top dollar. 


Our track record speaks for itself: After reviewing our presentations, most NASDAQ 100 companies have done deals with us.  

Counter-Party and Patent Buyer Due Diligence 

Because IP is the most misunderstood aspect of any M&A transaction, it is often valued incorrectly. 


Our highly experienced team has valued IP on numerous multi-billion-dollar M&A transactions. Your complete due diligence not only includes data analysis. We also ask the right questions and ensure you get full answers.


Move forward with confidence knowing that after reviewing thousands of IP agreements and mining hundreds of thousands of patents, we’ll expose the critical threats and strategic opportunities.  

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“With both extensive IP experience and a business and tech background, Bob has a very crisp grasp on the markets, players, and areas to focus. From proving infringement to which patents and targets to converge on, he’s the quintessential outside-the-box thinker, who does what it takes to close any gaps. He’s honest, hard-working, always one step ahead, and willing to tells it like it is.”

- Another satisfied client

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