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IP Portfolio Review Solutions

Inventory Management

It’s important to catalog your IP so you can identify it, value it, and manage it accordingly. Effective inventory management helps you maintain patents and comply with associated agreements.


This process can also uncover IP that may be less visible, such as patents associated with a joint venture. And efficiencies in inventory management can help forward-thinking or budget-constrained IP departments optimize resources.

Valuation Models 

It’s essential to understand the true value of your intellectual assets.


We leverage both established and novel ways to assess your current and planned technologies. Our approach is always fact-based and focused on maximizing your ROI, particularly when negotiating or validating its value.


We can also help you effectively communicate this information to all stakeholders within the organization and outside parties such as competitors, law firms, and investors.  

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Assessment and Ratings

Another critical data point is the relative importance of each patent within your IP portfolio.


Which are considered Gold?




An accurate, up-to-date rating/prioritization system helps you make decisions about resource allocation.


It’s also a good idea to routinely review the structure of your patents. Given that technology continually evolves, a patent may have the potential to be reissued to broaden its context, which could increase its potential worth. 

Market and Product Forecasts 

Market and product forecasts shed light on how to best leverage your deep and diverse technological innovations.


Get insight into the technology trends in your industries and intel on what your competitors may be doing based on their IP activity.


From this analysis, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your technological position in the market, along with a future roadmap for where to take your innovations.  

Patent Mining 

Our technical and financial experts can quickly identify untapped, potentially valuable IP within your organization with minimal disruption to your team and operations.


Because we have decades of experience monetizing IP, your detailed assessments and recommendations include technical review and market analysis—and the critical connections between the two.


Discover how, where, and when to best monetize your IP, including non-core markets that may be untapped profit centers. 

Patent Maintenance 

To keep or not to keep?

That is the question often asked by leaders balancing the growing costs of IP maintenance with its importance to the organization.


At Leverage IP, you get detailed recommendations for which specific IP best serves your needs from both a cost management and monetization standpoint.


These recommendations include which IP to keep, divest, or drop based on the potential ROI as well as long-term maintenance strategies to help you continue optimizing your IP. 

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Technology Market 

Technology is continually evolving.


Is your IP aligned with your current products and the future trajectory of your industry’s product categories?


Are you innovating in a way that ensures long-term growth?


Find out how to best leverage your deep and technological innovations and potential innovations given the broader trends affecting your industry.  

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