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IP Licensing & Litigation Solutions

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Reverse Engineering and Technical Investigation 

What is the technical merit of your IP portfolio?

Is someone illegally using your IP?


Using in-house capabilities and premiere RE laboratories, we reverse engineer the most advanced semiconductor nodes; computer and wireless networks; chemical formulae; display, imaging, web, and e-commerce technologies; and most consumer products.


Because we’ve dissected hundreds of thousands of IP elements and hundreds of portfolios, our PhD-credentialed team takes a comprehensive multilayered approach to deliver answers quickly today—and tomorrow when conditions change.  

Infringement Proof and Claims 

Get the highest quality proof-of-infringement packages that take a complete holistic view of your patent portfolio and associated file wrappers.


Then we provide you with the very best fact-based, law-based, fully proven in, and litigation-counsel-ready claim charts.


No gaps. No hand waving. No gimmicks. We promise.


Plus, all factual materials are entirely sourced so that the counterparty can replicate our work.  


Licensing Strategy 

You’ve identified potential patent infringement. A fully vetted, well-informed licensing strategy provides you with a roadmap.


It answers questions like:

  • Which violators should you target?

  • Whom should you start with?

  • And whom should you stay far away from?

  • Who is likely to license versus litigate?

  • And who won’t play at all?


Tap into our decades of first-hand experience with major patent-holding technology companies for valuable intel—the stuff you can’t get in engineering or B-school.  


Invalidity and non-infringement rebuttals are crucial: If done well and quickly, negotiations can move forward. 


Once the patent review and technical RE are completed, we create a rebuttal material proof-of-infringement package featuring a holistic review of your patent portfolio, materials presented, and associated file wrappers.


With nearly 25 years at the table rebutting attacks against patents, we have never lost a patent portfolio. In fact, some counterparties have even become clients.   


Negotiation Strategy 

In IP issue resolution, negotiation strategy is often overlooked.


To be effective, your strategy needs to consider your industry, market strength, IP strength, needs, wants, and prior relationships—along with the persuasiveness of your approach and messaging.


When it’s time to negotiate, you want a team who’s been at the table. And a trusted partner who listens to your needs.


At Leverage IP, you get both. Plus, with holistic expertise across all aspects of IP, we help navigate the murky waters of offensive and defensive IP assertions to strike the best possible deal.  

Agreement Reviews/Contract Auditing 

No matter whether you’re the licensor or licensee, it’s important to audit and review agreements regularly or when there are significant changes, such as during an M&A event.


This helps ensure you’re collecting all royalties due to you and paying all royalties owed to avoid violating the agreement.


Some royalties and contracts include terms that change when conditions are met or after a certain time period.


By reviewing and auditing your contracts regularly, you can ensure you’re capturing all royalty revenue and protect yourself from unknowingly violating contracts.  

Approved Imagery_Leverage IP_08-02-22.png
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