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Optimize your IP across the entire lifecycle

From twinkle in your eye to bill of sale

Creation & Filing

Portfolio Review

Licensing & Litigation

Brokerage & Sales

Learn From Our Experience
Client Case Studies

Client: A private equity firm advising a Fortune 50 company on a potential purchase of a computer business


Address issues with existing licenses and patents to help the buyer make a go/no go decision


Pressing Questions 

•  What IP goes with the sale, and what is the value? What licenses can be assigned, and on what terms?
•  Will there be ongoing licensing fees to pay or fees due that the buyer needs to consider?
•  How exposed will the new computer business be once it is no longer under the Fortune 50’s umbrella? 



  • Read through all licensing agreements to determine which could be assigned to the buyer and under what terms

  • Thoroughly reviewed and dissected all patents to see which applied to the sale of the computer business

  • Determined what royalties were currently being received and/or paid and what the go-forward royalty scenario would be


Major Discoveries

  • Illuminated that anticipated and highly valued IP would not be part of the sale

  • Determined the buyer would have critical exposure based on the current licensing agreements.



The buyer elected not to move forward with the purchase because the exposure was too great and closed a similar deal with a competing technology firm.


Get advice about the value and ramifications of intellectual property patents and license agreements prior to purchase or sale. While most M&A and financial firms don’t include this evaluation, it can be a critical—and even deciding—factor on whether a transaction moves forward. 

“With both extensive IP experience and a business and tech background, Bob has a very crisp grasp on the markets, players and areas to focus. From proving infringement to which patents and targets to converge on, he’s the quintessential outside-the-box thinker, who does what it takes to close any gaps. He’s honest and hard-working, always one step ahead and willing to tell it like it is.”

- An IP expert and industry veteran

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