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IP Creation & Filing Solutions

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Could you be filing more robust patents in better jurisdictions?


Through dynamic interviews with your technologists, inventors, and developers, we'll tease out and pinpoint nuggets of innovation they don't have time to capture. Quite often, this process also spurs your team to think more broadly about the potential of their innovations.

Competitive Benchmarking

An essential component of your IP strategy is what your competitors are doing...or not doing.


  • Are they innovating in new spaces?

  • Filing globally?

  • Maintaining their patents and trademarks?

  • Are they strong in similar areas?

  • Or are they innovating better in critical areas?


Probing your competitors' strategies and diligence helps you maintain competetive advantages and uncover untapped opportunities.

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Application Preparation

The quality of the invention disclosure form can significantly affect your patent filing strategy.


How much information should you include?


This can be based on your objectives and the innovation's relative importance to your organization.


How do you get inventors to submit more disclosures and collaborate throughout the filing process?


Start with developing a streamlined filing process with an easy-to-complete form.

Global Filing Strategy

Where should you protect your IP beyond U.S. borders?


Your global filing strategy should align with your marketing and business strategy. For example, if most of your sales are from the U.S., China, India, and Europe, these are the places where it may make sense to file.


Another key consideration is whom to choose to file your global patents.  We can refer you to the right filing partner based on your needs and plans.


Protection and Prosecution Support 

As one of your most valuable assets, protecting your IP is tantamount. A comprehensive protection strategy goes well beyond preparing and filing patent applications.


It’s also critical to have a maintenance process and uncover any violations. When prosecution is necessary or desirable, you have access to preeminent patent attorneys and patent agents who can provide the results you need. 

Operations Processes 

Effectively managing IP requires cross-functional collaboration across R&D, legal, business units, and any other departments involved in creating, managing, and monetizing your IP.


We’re operations experts who develop and deploy processes to help you streamline and optimize your IP strategy.


Your process recommendations are designed for your unique operations—without shoe-horning you into boilerplate lean, agile, or stage-gated processes.

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